Rawrcaeks and Misc.


//It’s been one of those days so I needed an overly sarcastic about-to-kill-something Talon sassing a random person, now with rainbows

blank there too if you want your own text since some of you like that type of thing just don’t remove my watermark


As for women… there is really only one that holds a very special place in my heart. Irelia is… very dear to me, despite our blood - though… I can’t say I’m a true Noxian, so much as I am a person who simply follows orders. Perhaps that’s why she doesn’t mind me.

No other woman will ever be able to replace her, nor will my heart fall for another woman the same way it fell for her.

Riven, though you may be disappointed to know, is merely a friend. Someone I look up to, and respect. Nothing more.


Scorched Earth Syndra, Styx Nami
White Noise Malzahar, Wrecking Ball Orianna
Viking Vi, War Mage Lulu
Twilight Leona, Salamander Fizz
Rageborn Soraka, Graveborn Garen

By RiotPenguin

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